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Staff Directory

Undergraduate Medical Education Office (Halifax, Nova Scotia)



Associate Dean

Dr. Evelyn Sutton
Phone: 902-494-1890  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: esutton@dal.ca

Adminstrative Assistant to Dr. Sutton

Matt Andrews
Phone: 902-494-1890  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: matt.andrews@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Clerkship Dr. Simon Field
Phone: 902-494-2757  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: simonfield@dal.ca
Assistant Dean, Skilled Clinician and Interprofessional Education  
Dr. Stephen Miller
Phone: 902-494-1890 Fax 902-494-8884
Email: smiller@dal.ca
UGME Administrator (Interim) Carla Whytock
Phone: 902-494-1620  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: carla.whytock@dal.ca
Academic Coordinator   Caroline Burgess
Phone: 902-494-2756  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: dmnscoor@dal.ca
Curriculum Coordinator, Pre-Clerkship (Med 1)   Rebecca Burchat
Phone: 902-494-7568  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: med1halifax@dal.ca
Curriculum Coordinator, Pre-Clerkship (Med 2) Mieke van Vulpen
Phone: 902-494-4577 Fax 902-494-8884
Email: med2halifax@dal.ca
Curriculum Coordinator, Longitudinal
(Med 2 Professional Competencies & Skilled Clinician)
Asma BaJunaid
Phone: 902-494-6721  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: longitudinalcoordinator@dal.ca
Curriculum Coordinator, Clerkship (Med 3) Heather Irwin
Phone: 902-494-4284  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: med3dmns@dal.ca
Curriculum Coordinator, Clerkship  (Med 3) Kelly Barnes
Phone: 902-494-1889  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: med3dmns@dal.ca
Curriculum Coordinator, Clerkship (Med 4) Vanessa Voerman
Phone: 902-494-7843  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: med4dmns@dal.ca
Assessment Specialist Jim Rice
Phone: 902-494-2957  
Email: jim.rice@dal.ca
Evaluation Specialist Darrell Kyte
Phone: 902-494-4579  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: darrell.kyte@dal.ca
Volunteer Patient Program Coordinator Angela Vermeir
Phone: 902-494-7746  
Email: vppinfo@dal.ca
Visiting Electives Email: electives@dal.ca or intl.electives@dal.ca
Front Desk Administrator Ali Barnim
Phone: 902-494-1546  Fax 902-494-8884
Email: ugme@dal.ca