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Department Awards

Education Awards

Family Medicine

  • Dalhousie Family Medicine Undergraduate Preceptor of the Year Award
  • Dalhousie Family Medicine Postgraduate Preceptor of the Year - Ted Atkinson Award
  • CFPC Awards
  • Dr. John Hamm Endowment for Rural Family Medicine Electives
  • Dr. H. Ralph Phillips Award in Family Medicine
  • Dr. S.G.B Fullerton Award
  • Dr. Leonard, Kay, and Simon Levine Scholarship
  • James Walker Wood, MD, Award in Medicine

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Internal Medicine

  • Dr. Robert C. Dickson Prize in Medicine
  • Dr. W. H. Hattie Prize in Medicine
  • Dr. I. M. Szuler Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Internal Medicine
  • The Barbara L. Blauvelt Cardiology Prize

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Check back for more department award listings in early 2018.