Michael SchmidtMD, PhD, FRCPC



Email: michael.schmidt@dal.ca
Phone: 902-473-5280
Fax: 902-425-7814
Mailing Address: 
Halifax Infirmary Site
1796 Summer Street - Room 5452A
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3A7
Research Topics:
  • Innovative procedures in anesthesia
  • Post-operative neuro-cognitive decline
  • Organ-protective strategies
  • New anesthesia devices

Research interests

Dr. Schmidt investigates post-operative neuro-cognitive decline (POCD) and the development of organ-protective strategies, including the design and evaluation of new anesthesia devices for effective, safe and environmentally friendly anesthetic delivery.

He has unique expertise in the use of new anesthetic procedures, such as Xenon inhalation, in addition to expertise in multimodal neuro-monitoring to conduct experiments in neuro and organ protection.

Selected publications

  • Schmidt M, Marx T, Armbruster S, Reinelt H, Schirmer U.:  Effect of Xenon in elevated intracranial pressure as compared with nitrous oxide and total intravenous anesthesia in pigs. Acta Anaesthiol Scand 2005, 49:494-501
  • Schmidt M, Marx T, Glöggl E, Reinelt H, Schirmer U. Xenon attenuates cerebral damage after ischemia in pigs. Anesthesiology 2005; 102: 929-36
  • Marx T, Schmidt M, Schirmer U, Reinelt, H: Cerebral damage assessment using apparent diffusion coefficients and intracerebral microdialysis. Biomed Eng 2005; 50(1): 239-240
  • Marx T, Reinelt, H, Schmidt M, Schirmer U: Airway pressures in Xenon ventilation. Biomed Tech 2005; 50(1): 1378-1379
  • Schmidt M, Reinelt H., Marx T: Is xenon really neuroprotective after cardiac arrest? Anaesthesiology 2006; 104: 211- 212


Prior to joining Dalhousie University in 2007, Dr. Schmidt was a staff anesthesiologist in the Department of Cardiac Surgery and leader of the Neuroprotect Research Group at the University of Ulm in Germany. He has clinical training in anesthesia, emergency medicine and critical care.