Daniel A. Kane

Adjunct Professor (StFX University)


Email: dkane@stfx.ca
Phone: 902-867-2251
Fax: 902-867-3904
Mailing Address: 
103C Oland Centre
St. FX University
PO Box 5000
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada, B2G 2W5


  • PhD, East Carolina University

Academic Positions

  • Department member since 2017
  • Assistant Professor, St. Francis Xavier University

Research Topics:

Exercise metabolism, mitochondria, monocarboxylate metabolism


My research explores the bioenergetic causes and consequences of mitochondrial fitness. Past work studied the underlying bioenergetic links to insulin resistance, with a focus on mitochondrial reactive oxygen species in muscle. Current work emphasizes the intersection of non-mitochondrial (i.e., glycolytic) and mitochondrial (oxidative phosphorylation) metabolism, to help address the broader question: How does exercise affect mitochondrial fitness, and how does mitochondrial fitness affect exercise capacity and metabolic health?


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