2017 Call for Proposals

Organize an event during the visiting professorship in medical citizenship (VPMC)

Groups and organizations are invited to organize their own learning events under the umbrella of the VPMC during the week of March 20-24, 2017 when Dr. Nadine Caron is visiting Halifax.

Would you like to host an event?

Any group can apply to host an event during the week, with or without the visiting professor as a speaker or guest. All that is needed at this stage is to submit an expression of interest. The application process is straightforward (see below). The deadline is January 9, 2017. Previous years’ events have included roundtable discussions, panels, lectures, presentations and informal receptions involving the visiting professor. There have also been events open to the public. Events that included residents and medical students are particularly encouraged.

If you or your group is interested in organizing an event allied to the VPMC please submit an expression of interest to us by email. Deadline January 9, 2017. Please email: vpmc@dal.ca.


Submitting an expression of interest

Please briefly tell us:

  • Who – information on your group and interests
  • Target audience – is this limited to your group or will it be open to other professionals and/or the public
  • When – what is your preferred date and time?
  • Where – have you given thought to your venue?
  • Budget – do you need funds for the venue/food and if so do you have a plan?
  • What – what format do you wish to use?

We have in mind a number of potential formats and you may have others. Options include:

  • interactive case studies
  • a panel discussion
  • a seminar given by the visiting professor
  • videography of personal narratives (for those that want to explore the journey of the whistleblower)
  • student presentations with commentary from visiting professor

Process for evaluating proposals

  • Submission of expression of interest to vpmc@dal.ca by January 9, 2017
  • Teleconference to discuss proposal
  • Final approval/agreement between our leadership group and your organization

The VPMC Steering committee members

George Collier (Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation)
Jocelyn Downie (Health Law, Dalhousie)
Dr David Healy (ex-officio) (Psychiatry, Bangor University, Wales)
Gabrielle Horne (Cardiology, Dalhousie/CDHA)
Robert Miller (Diagnostic Imaging, Dalhousie/CDHA)
Nancy Olivieri (ex-officio) (Hematology, University of Toronto/UHN)
Christy Simpson (Bioethics, Dalhousie)
Sharon Batt (Bioethics)
Matthew Herder (Health Law)
Katie Lightfoot (Medical Student)
Ashlee Cunsolo Willox (CRC, Determinants of Healthy Communities, Cape Breton University)
Debbie Martin (Health Promotion, School of Health & Human Performance)
Hyehyun Paek (Resident, McGill; graduated from Dalhousie Medical School)
Kelly Doxtater (Ottawa Hospital)