Departmental Review 2013‑2014

Dear Health Care System patient, provider, and/or policy-maker,

It is with pride that I present to you the Dalhousie Academic Department of Emergency Medicine review for 2013 and 2014 [pdf 3.1 mb]. Being the first “external” presentation of our Department’s purpose, accomplishments and people, we have also included an overview of the Department’s mission, vision, values, and a description of our growing role in an increasingly integrated and patient centered system. It is not a detailed list of metrics and measurements (the reader can find these on our web site if interested); and it’s not an exhaustive description of everything we do, and all of our people (we did have to save some good stuff for the next time). Please have a look and if there is any feedback I would love to hear from you at:


David A. Petrie, MD, FRCP
Professor and Department Head of Emergency Medicine
Dalhousie University
Chief, Central Zone Network of Emergency Departments
Nova Scotia Health Authority