Division of Emergency Medical Services

The Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), part of Dalhousie Medical School's Department of Emergency Medicine, was established under the leadership of Dr David Petrie, in 2001 to:

  1. Encourage and participate in EHS/EMS research.
  2. Provide education regarding all aspects of EHS/EMS to students, clinical clerks and residents.
  3. Establish a fellowship program to educate the next generation of EMS medical directors.

We presently have a Research Manager, an Admin Assistant, a Knowledge Translation Paramedic Coordinator, five (5) paramedic members and fourteen (14) Emergency Physician members. To become a member, please contact the Division of EMS by email at ems@dal.ca.

Division of EMS Director History



Dr. David Petrie
January 2001 -  August 2006
Dr. Ed Cain
June 2006 - December 2013
Dr. Alix Carter
November 2013 - Present