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10th Annual EMS Research Day

The 10th Annual EMS Research Day was held on Tuesday, October 30th, 2018. Approximately 110 paramedics, physicians, educators, management and others with a keen interest in EMS research were in attendance from all over Canada. The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Blair Bigham.  Dr. Bigham is an award-winning journalist, scientist, paramedic and resident emergency physician based in Toronto. He was a Global Journalism Fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Associate Scientist at St Michael’s Hospital.  His work has appeared in the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, the New England Journal of Medicine and the Canadian Medical Association Journal, amongst others, and he frequently appears on CBC Radio.

Twelve studies were presented and the awards went to: Mengyu Li for the Top Research Award with “Determining Ambulance Destinations in the Presence of Offload Delay Using a Markov Decision Process” and Lyon Kengis for the Ron Stewart Top Paramedic Research Award with “Evaluating Paramedic Comfort, Confidence, and Cultural Competency in Providing Care to Trans Populations in a Provincial Ambulance System”.

The “People’s Choice Award” which was given out for the best research poster on display.  Jennifer Greene won the “Prehospital sepsis identification on the impact on time to definitive care protocol.”

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the EMS Research Day! 

Dr. Ron Stewart's Gift

Dr. Ron Stewart Pledges $1.3 Million Dollars to the Dalhousie Medical Research Foundation in Support of Emergency Health Services Research.

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Dr. Ron Stewart's Gift

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