PEM Simulation

Opportunity to Practice in a Safe Environment

Pediatric emergency medicine training involves mastering the critical skills of managing acutely ill and injured children. Simulation has become a well-accepted method to increase exposure to, and experience with, uncommon presentations that require rapid management. 

Simulation has occurred for many years at Dalhousie and the IWK Health Centre, but a concerted effort to match trainees' learning needs and Royal College objectives began in 2009. Our simulation program has expanded, and we work closely with inter-professional groups within the IWK and Dalhousie University to achieve these objectives.

Pediatric emergency residents and trainees from the FRCPC emergency program attend quarterly half-day, multi-disciplinary sessions focusing on team training and crisis resource management principles. These sessions are developed around the Royal College CanMEDS objectives for pediatric emergency medicine/emergency medicine. You'll also have monthly sessions that focus on skill acquisition, and the simulation program offers just-in-time training for pediatric emergency medicine residents whenever possible. You're also trained to become simulation instructors and are engaged in simulation sessions for junior trainees.

For more information on simulation-based activities, see the IWK Simulation Program.  

Multi-disciplinary Training

There's a strong and committed group of pediatric emergency medicine faculty who provide simulation teaching at the IWK for nursing, respiratory therapy, undergraduate trainees and postgraduate residents from Dalhousie University.

Between September 2009 and June 2012, this program provided 1199 multi-disciplinary learner encounters for health care providers in six different fields.