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2nd Annual IWK Emergency Department Research Day

After the overwhelming success of the first ever IWK Emeregency Department Research Half-Day in 2016, the second annual event will be expanded to be a full day full of exciting presentations by our staff, students and trainees as well as our Keynote Speaker, Mr. Steven Carrigan from Health Data Nova Scotia.

Mark your calendars to attend on Wednesday April 12th, 2017 and make sure to RSVP with Leigh Thibideau (Leigh.Thibideau@iwk.nshealth.ca) before it is full!


Halifax sends first team to Haiti as part of Broken Earth

Broken Earth is an organization of volunteers from across Canada who are dedicated to providing sustained medical relief in Haiti, while helping to rebuild their health care system. Along with emergency physician Dr. Steve Curry and emergency medicine resident Dr. Nick Sowers, we covered the emergency department of Bernard Mevs Hospital from Nov 16-22, 2013. It was humbling to work in an environment of such scarcity and to manage medical conditions we had never before experienced such as cholera, typhoid and end-stage complications of HIV. 


Code Orange Exercise

Emergency department staff and physicians put their skills to the test on mock Code Orange exercise, responding to a simulated chemical disaster. Code Orange describes an emergency response to an external disaster that requires the IWK Health Centre to accept multiple causalities. The IWK Health Centre has established a decontamination unit; it's fully operational within 10 minutes of notification, and is now used as a model to other health care centres throughout the province as they begin to establish their own decontamination units.