Study emergency medicine at Dalhousie Medical School

Dalhousie offers emergency medicine residency training under both the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (RCPS) and the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC).

We currently have four residents in the CFPC(EM) program, 11 residents in the RCPS program and one resident in the RCPS(PEM) program. Our iFMEM program (CFPC-EM) has 6 residents completing a 3 year program.



The College of Family Physicians of Canada offers one year of specialty training in emergency medicine through its CFPC(EM) residency training program. Any physician earning certification in family medicine (CFPC) is eligible to apply.

Upon successful completion of the residency program and satisfactory results on oral and written examinations, candidates are conferred with a Certificate of Special Competency in Emergency Medicine [CFPC(EM)]

At Dalhousie, we aim to produce leaders in emergency medicine -- physicians who will be active not only as clinicians but in non-clinical areas as well.

Our residency program is set up to allow students to develop expertise in both fields.



Our integrated family medicine emergency medicine program covers core competencies currently addressed with the two-year family medicine and the one-year emergency medicine programs (CCFP-EM). The two components are integrated, resulting in competencies being accumulated over the three years. There is a strong clinical and academic focus including completion of a research project.