Competencies gained in a progressive nature

This exciting three-year program is designed to prepare you for comprehensive patient care while fulfilling valuable leadership roles. Family physicians in smaller communities, who frequently staff emergency rooms, are required to be highly trained and equipped to deal with situations that their colleagues in larger centres often don't encounter.

To better integrate the training required of a physician practicing family and emergency medicine concurrently, our program combines the two aspects of practice in a more cohesive manner.

Our program covers core competencies currently addressed with the two-year family medicine and the one-year emergency medicine programs. The two components are integrated, resulting in competencies being accumulated over the three years. Some components, however, will remain the same as the current family medicine program to ensure you attain the necessary competencies for your CCFP exam near the end of your third year.

Continuity of care is established with the core family medicine and rural family medicine experiences, as you will continue with the same preceptor throughout your three-year program.  You will develop physician patient relationships and reinforce the balance required of physicians entering practice.


The core curriculum is based on your completion of both clinical and rotation blocks and integrated longitudinal experience in various specialties. Discussion and feedback will occur between you and your preceptor at each stage, using a field note format. Tools such as benchmarking exams, presentations skills assessment and other methods are part of the program.

During the core family medicine experience, you'll complete clinical experiences in specialty areas, where you can apply your specialty based enhanced skills in a thorough and immediate way.

In addition to participating in the family medicine academic curriculum, you will also complete:

  • Family medicine/emergency medicine curriculum sessions, held one afternoon weekly during your third year.
  • Emergency medicine core lectures, held one afternoon weekly during your second year.
  • Journal Club sessions held once per month.
  • ED Rounds, held monthly during your emergency medicine rotation.
  • M&M Rounds, held monthly during your emergency medicine rotation.
  • Exam preparation for your Special Competence in Emergency Medicine Examination.

PGY1 rotations

  • Core family medicine: 12 weeks
  • Emergency medicine: 4 weeks
  • General medicine: 8 weeks
  • General surgery: 4 weeks
  • Obstetrics: 8 weeks
  • Orthopaedics: 4 weeks
  • Paediatrics: 4 weeks
  • Community family medicine: 8 weeks

PGY2 rotations

  • CCU: 4 weeks
  • Core family medicine: 16 weeks
  • Geriatric medicine: 4 weeks
  • Palliative care: 4 weeks
  • Community family medicine: 16 weeks
  • Elective: 4 weeks
  • Emergency medicine: 4 weeks

PGY3 rotations

  • CCU: 4 weeks
  • Emergency medicine: 16 weeks
  • Family medicine: 8 weeks
  • ICU: 8 weeks
  • Paediatric critical care: 4 weeks
  • Community family medicine/emergency medicine:  8 weeks
  • Elective: 4 weeks