Learning the role of emergency medicine in the delivery of care

Our undergraduate experience introduces medical students to the role of emergency medicine in the delivery of health care. You'll be exposed to a wide varity of patients and medical cases, and will learn how the triage system prioritizes patient care activities.

Pre-clerkship (Med I and 2)

Our staff teach various clinical programs in the Med 1 year, including Professional Competencies and Clinical Skills. We offer summer electives and full-year electives at the Halifax Infirmary. We also offer a full-year elective in partnership with the Department of Family Medicine. 

Clinical clerkship (Med 3 and 4)

As a Dalhousie medical student, you'll complete a three-week emergency medicine rotation during your clinical clerkship. You may do your clerkships at tertiary care centres or community hospitals. Each experience offers different rewards and challenges while fulfilling your learning objectives.

Dalhousie University, Faculty of Medicine Undergraduate Medical Education Curriculum Map