Our Staff




Carolyn Chiasson Administrative Assistant to Clinical Chief, IWK Emergency Department
Phone: 902-470-8823
Email: carolyn.chiasson@iwk.nshealth.ca
Louise Cornish Chief Operating Officer Phone: 902-473-5544
Email: louise.cornish@nshealth.ca
Jennifer Day Education Coordinator for:          CFPC (EM) Residency Program, Electives, PGY1/Off-Service Undergraduate Learners, IWK Simulation Program and Postgraduate Academic Schedule
Phone: 902-473-4220
Email: jennifere.day@nshealth.ca

Corinne DeMone
  • Research and Education Manager
  • Education Coordinator for the Royal College Residency Program
Phone: 902-494-6189
Email: corinne.demone@dal.ca
Melissa MacDougall Administrative Assistant to Division of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Research
Phone: 902-494-2255
Email: melissa.macdougall@nshealth.ca
Leigh Thibideau
Academic Coordinator for  Pediatric Emergency Medicine Phone: 902-470-7842
Email: leigh.thibideau@iwk.nshealth.ca

Angela Thompson
Administrative Assistant to:    Clinical Chief, Halifax Infirmary Emergency Department;         Director, Clinical Cadaver Program; Physician Schedule Coordinator (HI, IWK & Hants EDs) Phone: 902-473-2020
Email: angela.thompson@nshealth.ca

David Urquhart
IT Manager Phone: 902-494-3196
Email: david.urquhart@nshealth.ca

Donna Warren  
Simulation Program Coordinator
Phone:  902-473-4791
Email: donna.warren@nshealth.ca


Kathleen White

Administrative Assistant to:
  Head, Department of Emergency Medicine
  Chief, Central Zone Network of Emergency Departments;
  Chief Operating Officer,
and also serves as:
Coordinator & Liaison for Emergency Medicine:
  Appointments & Promotions;
  Internal Communications;
  NSHA & IWK Emergency Department Credentialing
Phone: 902-473-8769
Email: kathleen.white@nshealth.ca