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Dr. Kirk Magee


Dr. Roger Zemek

Keynote Address

Predicting (and Preventing) Persistent Post-concussive Problems in Pediatrics. 

Nicole Roda
Understanding the Characteristics of the Oldest, Old (≥ 85) Patients in the Emergency Department and Factors Associated With a Prolonged Length of Stay. 
955 Dr. John Armstrong
On-Scene Times [OST] for Critical Care Transport in Nova Scotia, Canada: A Retrospective Cohort Study.   
1005 Brianne Robinson
Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home: Management of Pain and Breathlessness.  

Coffee Break

1030 Dr. Reid Sadoway
A Systematic Review of Local Complications from Central and Peripheral Administration of Vasopressors in the Pediatric Population. 
1040 Dr. James French
Changes in Situational Awareness of Emergency Teams in Simulated Trauma Cases Using an RSI Checklist.   
1050 Dr. David Lewis
Development of a Predictive Model for Hospital Admissions by Utilizing Frequencies of Specific CEDIS Presenting Complaints. 
1100 Nancy Connor
Refining Nursing Symptom-driven Guidelines for Laboratory Test Ordering.
1110 Dr. David Petrie
FLO on Flow: Front Line Ownership of Emergency Department, Hospital, and Health System Patient Flow – A Novel Approach to ED Overcrowding.
1120 Robert Dunfield
Training First-responders to Administer Anaphylaxis Publically Available Epinephrine: A Randomized Study.
1130 Dr. Mandy Peach
The ‘SHOC-ED’ Patient’: Does Point of Care Ultrasonography Improve Diagnostic Accuracy in Emergency Department Patients with Undifferentiated Hypotension? 
1140 Dr. James Gould
Potential Candidates for Emergency Department (ED) Initiated Extracorporeal Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (ECPR) in a Canadian Institution. 
1150 Benjamin Rose-Davis
Preparing Emergency Patients and Providers: Results from a Patient Expectation Collection Tool.   

Lunch Break

1300 Dr. Paul Atkinson
Do Electrocardiogram Rhythm Findings Predict Cardiac Activity During Cardiac Arrest? A SHoC Series Study.
1310 Jennifer Greene
Mortality After “Treat and Release” Practices in EMS Opiate Overdose Care: A Systematic Review. 
1320 Caitlin Bennet
Patient Passports in the Emergency Department: A Scoping Review.
1330 Dr. Aaron Sibley
The Feasibility of Pertussis Immunization in a Canadian Emergency Department.
1340 Felix Zhou
Critical Dynamics Study of Burnout in Emergency Department Health Professionals in New Brunswick: Revisiting 6 Years Later.
1350 Dr. Andrea Bishop
Understanding Discharge Communication Behaviours in a Pediatric Emergency Care Context.  
1400 Dr. Derek Rollo
Development of Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria for ECPR in a Regional Hospital.

Coffee Break

1425 Dr. Alix Carter
Paramedics Providing Palliative Care at Home: An Evaluation of the Health System Impact.
1435 Dr. Laura Wade Organizational Interventions and Policies to Support Second Victims in Acute Care Settings: A Scoping Study.
1445 Dr. Stephen Miller
Providing Patient-centered Care: An Interprofessional Approach to Breaking Bad News in a Simulated Acute Care Setting. 
1455 Dr. Sam Campbell
Does Emergency Physician (EP) Diagnostic Imaging Use Affect Clinical Productivity?  
1505 Kathleen MacMillan Evaluation of a Pharmacist-Led Antimicrobial Stewardship Service in a Pediatric Emergency Department.
1515 Louis Staple Organ and Tissue Donor Referral Bias in the Emergency Department.

Judge Deliberation & Closing

Dr. Kirk Magee


Final Words

Dr. Roger Zemek


Presentation of Awards

Dr. Kirk Magee