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2017 Emergency Medicine Research Day Schedule & Abstracts




Dr. Kirk Magee


Dr. Eddy Lang

Keynote Address

“The Precarious Path to Career Satisfaction in Emergency Medicine.”  

Dr. Kavish Chandra The Contrarian Effect: How does a Choosing Wisely focused knowledge translation initiative affect emergency physician practice in a high awareness - low investigation environment?
920 Dr. Dominic Allain Single-use detergent sacs: a retrospective multicenter Canadian review of ED cases.
930 Dr. Judah Goldstein
Frailty assessment of older Canadians using emergency services with tablet technology (FOCUS-TT).
940 James Nunn Meeting patient expectations in the emergency department: Preliminary findings from the preparing emergency patients and providers study.

Coffee Break

1000 John Bartolacci Predictors of EMS usage by dialysis patients.
1010 Dr. Kalen Leech-Porter
Combatting sedentary lifestyles; can exercise prescriptions in the ED lead to a behavioural change in patients?
1020 Dr. Adam Harris
ED procedural sedation in the elderly.
1030 Dr. Sam Stewart
Epidemiology of gun related injuries among Canadian children & youth from 2005-2013: A CHIRPP Study.
1040 Natasa Zatezalo Injuries related to distraction by mobile devices while driving: a systematic review.
1050 Graham Wilson Did the Canadian Pediatric Society Policy Statement in 2007 impact trampoline-related injuries in Halifax, NS?
1100 Dr. Samantha Jang-Stewart
Prognosis of patients presenting to the emergency department with low back pain.

Coffee Break

1120 Dr. Mete Erdogan A 15-year retrospective analysis of major trauma recidivism and alcohol use in NS.
1130 Dr. Nancy Murphy
A system-wide solution to antidote stocking in emergency departments: the NS antidote program.
1140 Louis Staple Tissue and organ donation from poisoned patients in the ED.
1150 Dr. Kirk Magee
Canadian community utilization of stroke prevention pilot study - ED (C-CUSP ED).
1200 Dr. Trevor Jain Comparison of UAV technology versus no UAV technology in identification of hazards at a MCI scenario in Primary Care Paramedic Students.

Lunch Break

1310 Michael Butler The effect of an emergency medicine resident as team leader on the outcomes of trauma team patients.
1320 Dr. Paul Atkinson
Does the use of point of care ultrasonography improve survival in emergency department patients with undifferentiated hypotension? The first Sonography in Hypotension and Cardiac Arrest in the ED (SHOC-ED1) Study; an international randomized controlled trial.
1330 Dr. Michael Howlett
Combination of easily measurable real time variables to predict ED crowding.
1340 Leanne Delaney Factors influencing laboratory test ordering by physicians and nurses in the ED.
1350 Matthew Nunn Current management practices for patients presenting with low back pain to a large emergency department in Canada.
1400 Dr. Constance LeBlanc
CWG: Emergency Medicine (EM) training and practice in Canada.
1410 Benjamin Clarke The Role of Paramedics in the Emergency Department.
1420 Dr. Rob Green
Effect of post-intubation hypotension on outcomes in major trauma patients.

Judge Deliberation

Drones in Prehospital and Disaster Medicine: Changing Minds and Saving Lives.

Dr. Aaron Sibley & Dr. Trevor Jain


Final Words

Dr. Eddy Lang


Presentation of Awards & Closing

Dr. Kirk Magee