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2017 Draft Strategic Plan

Our guide for the next five years.

DFM strategic priorities graphic 3_v.4


The Department of Family Medicine within the Faculty of Medicine at Dalhousie University is underway with strategic planning. The self study/survey report (2014-2015) recommended that the department review and reset their priorities and direction for the next five years through a strategic planning exercise. To help inform the strategic planning process, feedback was gathered from internal and external stakeholders to help assess current strengths and potential opportunities for action including what the department should be striving to achieve in the next three-to-five years. A working group, consisting of the portfolio directors and some site directors was formed to help guide the strategic planning process. This group met at the end of May 2017 to review the information gathered from stakeholders and developed a draft strategic plan. 



A consultation process is critical to ensure that we are developing a strategic plan that is meaningful for the department. We feel it is important to share the draft strategic plan with faculty members and staff across the Maritimes and gather your feedback. Please provide feedback through the online survey. A podcast has been developed to provide context and background about the development of the strategic plan. We recommend viewing the podcast and then responding to the survey.