Why Family Medicine?

Educational excellence in a wide range of settings.

DFM_Residency at Dalhousie Family Medicine


A rewarding career influencing the health of people, families and communities in the Maritimes

Life as a family physician is exciting and varied, offering a long-term, meaningful connection with people. A typical day can range from the birth of a child to the satisfaction of a patient quitting smoking. It also brings its challenges, such as identifying a communicable disease to diagnosing a terminal ilness. As a family physician, you are able to bring a sense of connection and comfort to families during difficult times.

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Family medicine enables Dr. Davidson to earn his badge every day

When not guiding residents in the office, Dr. Brian Davidson is likely helping residents in the community. It’s a big part of why he chose a career in family medicine. Not only does it reward him professionally—through all encompassing patient care, clinical trials, dermatology lectures, research and teaching, but it rewards him personally by allowing an active role as coach, scout leader, husband and father. Now that’s a specialty any doctor can embrace.

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For Dr. Griffin, family medicine is all about, well, family

Variety of patients. Professional collaboration. Constant learning. These are just a few of the reasons why Dr. Ginette Griffin loves what she does. As a family doctor and head of primary care obstetrics, she’s always facing new challenges and opportunities, and she truly appreciates the positive involvement she has in guiding her patients towards healthier lives. She also appreciates the flexibility that family medicine allows in her personal life, where Dr. Griffin’s schedule remains just as full—and just as fulfilling.

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Dr. MacNeil’s family practice makes every day perfect

When not at sea, Dr. Lawrence (Laurie) MacNeil is on another important journey—one where he sees firsthand the successes of long-term, preventative medicine in his community.

As a family doctor, he has to know (and therefore can handle) almost anything. It’s a role that demands ongoing knowledge of all aspects of medicine, from continuing care to acute emergency care. It also involves a deep commitment to his residents, where he helps the next generation of family doctors set sail.

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Family medicine lets Dr. Nguyen serve patients ... and aces

As a family physician and geriatrics consultant, Dr. Huy Nguyen is a leader in continued care and healthier living among the young and old alike. Thanks to a wide variety of patients, illnesses and treatments, he’s constantly expanding his medical expertise—and then passing this knowledge on to the next generation of family doctors.

It’s a role that keeps Dr. Nguyen leading a very busy life. Fortunately, he also leads a very balanced life. That’s because he knows the importance of practicing what he preaches, by staying healthy physically and mentally. Which means that, for every moment outside the office (at home or on the court), he’s a better doctor within it.