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Halifax Teaching Site Program

Dedicated team environment in an urban setting

With two teaching units uniquely situated near Dalhousie Medical School, our Halifax sites provide a strategic and opportunistic learning experience. Between the two units, you will develop expertise under the guidance of a motivated and dedicated group of teams: family physicians, family practice nurses, clinic aides and support staff, pharmacists and mental health professionals. As well, you'll have numerous opportunities to pursue areas of interest during elective rotations, take part in research projects, and teach undergraduate medical students.

Program information

QEII Hospital - Halifax

The QEII Health Science Centre provides primary, tertiary and quaternary care to the community of Halifax and Atlantic Canada. Family physicians in Halifax manage hospital beds at several sites within the QEII Health Sciences Centre, providing expertise in ambulatory clinics, geriatrics unit, long-term care, progressive care and transitional care units. Family physicians are actively involved in emergency room care, nursing home care and home care.

Obstetrical care

Primary care obstetrics is strong in Halifax; family doctors have a solid presence at the IWK Health Centre through primary maternity care (PMC), labour and delivery, postpartum and antepartum in-patient care. We're dedicated and enthusiastic to provide enhanced skills in primary care obstetrics. Halifax boasts one of the largest groups of primary care providers. All PGY2s participate in PMC clinics. If you have an interest in family medicine obstetrics, many opportunities are available to enhance your skills through electives, selectives or research.

Collaborative medical clinics

There are two, team-based family medicine clinics at the Halifax site:

 Between the two centres, the teams are comprised of:

  • residents
  • family physicians
  • family practice nurses
  • clinic aides
  • administrative support staff
  • pharmacists
  • mental health professionals

Each team has busy, growing practices with diverse patient populations. Over two years, you're encouraged to develop and follow your own patient population. You're paired with individual preceptors throughout core and half-day experiences, but will benefit from exposure to a number of other family medicine preceptors working on the teams. There are also 23 community core sites where you can complete your core and half day training.

Our preceptors provide learning opportunities in a wide variety of settings, including the following:

  • office-based practices
  • in-patient hospital care
  • nursing homes
  • home-based care
  • community-affiliated organizations

Site features

During your PGY1 year, you can expect to spend three to five months in either Saint John or specialty rotations based at partner sites.  

You'll have access to team, university and hospital libraries. You'll also have access to dedicated space and electronic resources available in the resident lounge.

Many opportunities are available with our experienced research faculty and world-renowned specialists, as well as the larger Dalhousie community-based network of faculty.

There's a commitment to provide you with opportunities for enhanced learning through family medicine and specialty grand rounds, regular continuing medical education events, university-based courses, and enhanced curriculum developed in accordance to resident interest.

We are equally committed to ongoing faculty development and life-long learning, and to providing the highest standards of education to you in a collegial atmosphere.

During your residency you'll become adept at using electronic medical records, as well our site has on-line access to laboratory and radiological patient data in each exam room in our family medicine centres.

Faculty advisors, supervisors and resident buddies are provided for you as support for individual needs. A resident council meets regularly to address resident issues with the site director; and residents have regularly scheduled individual meetings with program directors.

Faculty in Halifax strive always to make you feel at home. Regular site-based social events, team events and individual faculty-hosted gatherings are a few aspects of the social curriculum aimed at encouraging collegiality. You're encouraged to become active participants on site committees, resident council and team-based meetings.