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Moncton Teaching Site Curriculum

The details

PGY1 rotations

PGY2 rotations

12 weeks - integrated core family medicine/pediatrics (Moncton)

20 weeks - integrated core family medicine/psychiatry (Moncton)
4 weeks - rural family medicine (within the Maritimes) 12 weeks - community family medicine (within Atlantic provinces)
8 weeks - internal medicine (Moncton) 4 weeks - geriatrics (Moncton)
8 weeks - obstetrics (Moncton) 4 weeks - CCU (Moncton or Halifax)
4 weeks - orthopedics (Moncton)  
4 weeks - general surgery (Moncton) 8 weeks - electives
4 weeks - emergency (Moncton)  
4 weeks - dermatology/neonatology 4 weeks - integrated vacation
4 weeks - selective (Moncton) 4 weeks - palliative care
4 weeks - integrated vacation  

Most of the formal curriculum for the Moncton family medicine residents occurs through a series of Friday afternoon lectures during a protected teaching time.

First and second year

In the first year, curriculum lectures are scheduled every Friday (with the exception of during the rural family medicine block), and in the second year, lectures occur every Friday afternoon during the five-month core family medicine rotation. The topics encompass the broad scope of knowledge that is intrinsic to family medicine, and are delivered by family medicine faculty, specialty faculty, problem-based learning modules, and resident lectures.

Some of the topics are taught during full-day workshops provided in Moncton or at other Maritime sites. These include health law and practice management. Residents are also provided opportunities to attend medical conferences that they feel meet their educational needs.

The CPR, ACLS, and NRP courses are provided to all residents during their two years of study. Funding is also available for either ALSO or ALARM and ATLS.