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Moncton Teaching Site Program

A quality family medicine residency experience

Family medicine at the Moncton family medicine teaching unit is a community-based program that uses the preceptor model in family medicine, as well as all specialty rotations. The preceptor model, and extensive use of office- and hospital-based teaching, places emphasis on a quality family medicine residency experience.

Core family medicine rotation

You'll work in private community-based family practices within the greater Moncton area. Working directly with preceptors, you'll develop your own panel of patients who you'll see in office, hospital, during house calls or nursing home visits, and frequently while working on specialty rotations.

First and second year

The core family medicine rotation consists of 8 weeks in the first year of the program and is spent with a Moncton-based core family medicine preceptor. Throughout the remainder first year, while on specialty rotations, you’ll spend one half-day per week in your core family medicine practice, in order to develop your own panel of patients and to gain a better understanding of continuity of care.

In second year, the core family medicine is integrated with psychiatry where you’ll spend a half-day per week in a psychiatric practice. You’ll complete this core rotation from January to May. The CCFP exams occur during this period, as does the resident research project day. The core didactic curriculum for second year is presented on Friday afternoons during this period, and assists with your exam preparation.

Community family medicine

An emphasis is placed on training family physicians who are comfortable practising in rural settings. To accomplish this goal, we have developed a close collaboration with a group of family physicians in eastern New Brunswick. These family doctors actively participate in faculty development and program administration with Moncton-based preceptors.

You'll be exposed early in your first year to four weeks of community-based family medicine. In second-year, there's a 12-week community rotation, and you're encouraged to return to the same rural community you visited in first year. You can look forward to reconnecting with patients, staff and community. To make sure that your individual needs are met, you'll have the opportunity to do your PGY2 community rotation with any community-based preceptor in the Atlantic provinces.

Core special rotations

Specialty rotations are well reviewed by our residents. One of our strengths is that all first- and second-year year core specialty rotations take place at The Moncton Hospital.

Our physicians are not required to teach in order to maintain their hospital privileges, which means our specialty preceptors have chosen to teach as part of their practices. As a result, we're fortunate to have a very enthusiastic group of specialty faculty.