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Prince Edward Island Teaching Site Program

Patient-centered care with an inclusive community experience

PEI's family medicine residency program focuses on patient-centred care with an inclusive community experience. At two key sites, located in Summerside and Charlottetown, you'll discover a strong emphasis on evidence-based medical practices and integrated treatments that serve specific groups, including rural, immigrant, underserved and geriatric populations within our communities.

You will begin the program by completing two months of core family medicine in Charlottetown, the program's home base and location of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. The QEH is a full service referral hospital with the exception of cardiac surgery and neurosurgery. It has 274 beds and approximately 900 deliveries annually. In late Fall or early Winter of your first year, you will transfer to Prince County Hospital in Summerside, a 45 minute drive west from Charlottetown. Here you will complete community family medicine and some specialty rotations. PCH has 102 beds and approximately 468 deliveries annually.