Saint John Teaching Site

Comprehensive family medicine in a preceptor-based model

The Saint John teaching unit is located at the Saint John Regional Hospital. It's the largest multi-facility accredited in the Regional Health Authority in New Brunswick, serving a population of 200,000, including surrounding areas such as St. Stephen, Sussex and the Fundy Isles.  

In addition to the residency program, Saint John provides many elective opportunities for you during your clerkship years. For more information regarding the unit, please contact the chief resident.

Strengths of the Saint John Program

Our residents have indicated in their evaluations that some of the strengths of our program are:
Preceptor model, committed family medicine teachers, variety of patients, continuity of care, inpatient care, palliative care, family medicine obstetrics, information technology, educational opportunities, family medicine focussed specialty rotations.


Site Contacts

Dr. Doug Hall, postgraduate site director

Dr. Robin Clouston, site director, integrated family medicine emergency medicine 

Joan Wilkins, site administrator

Dr. Robert Fisher, faculty development site coordinator

Dr. Jennifer Hall, acting undergraduate site coordinator

Dr. Erin Palmer, research site coordinator

Dr. Nicholyn Selvanayagam, chief resident

Dr. Robert Dunfield, associate chief resident, integrated family medicine emergency medicine