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Saint John Teaching Site Curriculum

The details

Our core curriculum is based on the comprehensive template set out by the curriculum committee of the Dalhousie Family Medicine program and is enhanced with programs that have been developed based on needs identified by our residents and faculty in Saint John. All residents are required to attend curriculum sessions at the annual Dalhousie Family Medicine Education Weekend.

The academic curriculum consists of:

  • Practice based small group learning sessions (PBSGL, case-based common family medicine problems)
  • Evidence based medicine curriculum
  • Resident presented common problem seminars
  • Core faculty presented seminars
  • Family medicine evidence based medicine rounds
  • Resident driven specialty seminars
  • Faculty presented guideline review sessions
  • Practice management curriculum
  • Exam preparation (written and practical) for LMCC Part II and the College of Family Medicine certification exams

While on core family medicine, one full day a week is dedicated to curriculum. In addition, residents participate in practice based small group learning sessions held biweekly throughout the year and family medicine focused teaching sessions occur while on specialty rotations.

PGY1 rotations

PGY2 rotations

Emergency medicine
4 weeks - SJRH
4 weeks - SJRH
General medicine
8 weeks - SJRH
Geriatric medicine
4 weeks - SJRH
8 weeks - SJRH
4 weeks - SJRH
8 weeks - SJRH
Family medicine (Core)
16 weeks 
4 weeks - SJRH
Family medicine (community)
12 weeks - community site
Orthopaedic surgery
4 weeks - SJRH
Palliative care
4 weeks
Family medicine (core)
12 weeks 
8 weeks
4 weeks