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South West Nova Teaching Site Program

Practice comprehensive family medicine in a variety of settings

South West Nova physicians enjoy, value, and model a good work-life balance. Many choose to practice here specifically for lifestyle reasons. They enjoy being involved in their local communities, participating in sporting activities, coaching teams or playing in musical groups. Our district is a wonderful, safe place to raise a family.

You will be responsible for your own patient panel over the length of your program. Initially, you're booked lightly to ensure you develop outstanding clinical and practice management skills. You will be encouraged to increase your responsibilities as your experience, skills, confidence and competence develop. By the end of the residency, you will be functioning near the level of your preceptor and will be ready for independent practice.

Learners have one full day biweekly that is committed to academic curriculum.
Discussion and feedback will occur on a regular basis between you and your preceptor, using a field note format.