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Workshop Agenda

"Reviewing the Good, The Bad and The Ugly of ITARS and Field Notes; and how to effectively deliver feedback to your learner"

Dalhousie Family Medicine Pre-Conference Faculty Development session

October 19, 2017 – 1800-2030

1800-1830:   Dinner and introductions

1830-1850:    Introduction and presentation of key concepts:

  • The purpose of field notes and ITARs
  • Review of the tools: What they look like and what are the categories
  • Common challenges and tricks used when completing field notes and ITARs

1850-1915:    Small group work working with sample ITARs and Field Notes

1915-1925:    Regroup and reflect on the small group work

1925-1945:    Interactive larger group work on feedback

  • Think, Pair, Share: Characteristics of effective feedback
  • Video example
  • Feedback techniques

1945-2015:    Small group roleplay feedback

2015-2030:    Reflect on small group work; wrap up