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Preparing for a Learner in Your Practice

Making your learner comfortable

One of the most critical tasks for a teacher is orientation. This means you understand the trainee, they understand you and you both understand the curriculum and evaluation process.

The learner should be told about how things work in your practice at the first opportunity. They should be introduced to your staff and their role should be explained to your staff and patients. They need to know how things work and what your expectations and policies are.

Similarly, you must assess your learner’s needs and preferred learning styles as soon as possible. Their interests, strengths, weaknesses and goals should be explored.

Otherwise, you may try to teach things that the learner already knows, demonstrate skills they have acquired or try to impart attitudes they already have. 

To assist you in this process, see our website linked below. We also provide a suggested “Learning Contract” for you to use with your trainee to ensure you are both on the same page.

Preparation for the Learner Resources

Our orientation checklist [PDF - 229 KB]

Our resources for preceptors


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