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Family doctors teaching family doctors

Faculty Development Workshop - June 8-10, 2018 Whitepoint Beach Resort.


Join us!

  • Collaborate with your colleagues from around the Maritimes
  • Learn new skills to enhance your clinical supervision
  • Revitalize your enthusiasm for learning
  • Unwind and relax!


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The Faculty of Medicine's department of Continuing Professional Development has several resources for faculty:


The department has purchased eight modules for small group faculty development. They are written by the Foundation for Medical Practice Education and typically require two hours each to complete. The topics are:

  • Preparing for New Learners
  • International Medical Graduates
  • Working Together - Interprofessional Education and Collaboration
  • Providing Feedback to Learners
  • Time Efficient Teaching Strategies
  • How to Help Learners with Medical Errors
  • The Learner in Difficulty
  • Evaluation of Learner Performance

Some of the references from this series are listed here.

To learn more, please contact FMfavdev.ca

Basics in Medical Education, Amin and Eng, 2nd edition, 2009. An easy-to-read overview of fundamental topics in medical teaching.
A Practical Guide for Medical Teachers, Dent and Hardin, 3rd edition, 2009. A more detailed treatment of issues in modern medical education.
Teaching Skills for Community-Based Preceptors. Office for Faculty Development, UBC. A small pocket reference, also available electronically as a PDF. You can download or order it here.
A Handbook for Medical Teachers, Newble and Cannon, 4th edition, 2001. A great starter on the basics of medical teaching and academic careers in general.
Advice for New Faculty Members, Boyce 2000. This is a general book for all new university faculty. The author is a professor emeritus who recommends the "Nihil Nimus" approach, or "All Things in Moderation." It's based on an attitude of "mindfullness" in teaching and writing.The Foundation Course in Occupational Medicine is a distance learning course from Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick and the University of Alberta Division of Preventive Medicine. It provides knowledge and skills in the areas of occupational medicine encountered in family medicine and other community-based clinical practices. Find out more about this accredited program here [PDF - 398 KB].