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Interactivity in Connect Tutorial

This tutorial shows you how to use the interactive features in Adobe Connect.

iPad user? See the full screen video here.

First, remember to connect your USB devices and run the Audio Setup Wizard. You can see instructions in our video “How to Connect to Connect.” Plugging in USB cable
Now let’s look at the interface. Adobe Connect window
The chat pod lets you type messages to other participants without interrupting the presenter. It’s a great way to ask questions when you don’t need an immediate response. Adobe Connect Chat pod
If you find the text hard to read, click the settings icon to adjust the text size. Adjusting the text size in the Adobe Connect Chat pod
You can also click the Settings icon and select “Start Chat With” to have a private conversation with another attendee. Just be careful not to get your chat windows confused. Initiating a private chat in the Adobe Connect Chat pod
The Attendee List pod lists everyone who’s joined the session. Adobe Connect Attendee List
If you’ve logged in with the wrong name, click the Settings icon and chose “Edit my Info…” to change your name. Changing your name in the Adobe Connect Attendee List
The Menu Bar lets you turn your mic and camera on and off, and change your status Adobe Connect Menu Bar
Click on the microphone button to activate your mic. Look for the meter to register your voice. Adjust your microphone volume by clicking the arrow and choosing “Adjust Microphone Volume.” Adjusting microphone volume in the Adobe Connect Menu Bar
When you’re done speaking, press the mic button again to turn off your mic. Keep it off when you’re not speaking to avoid creating echoes or feedback for other participants. Turning off the microphone in Adobe Connect
You can use the camera button to quickly turn your webcam on and off, but it’s easier to use the Camera and Voice pod for that. More on that later. Clicking the Camera button in Adobe Connect
Click on the Raise Hand icon to get the presenter’s attention if you have a question or comment. A prompt will show up on their screen.

Clicking the Raise Hand button in Adobe Connect

The presenter's view when a hand is raised in Adobe Connect

Clicking on the Status arrow lets you smile or applaud, and ask the presenter to slow down or speed up. Status options in Adobe Connect
If you’re going to be away from your computer, use the Step Away icon to show you’re unavailable. Choosing the Step Away status in Adobe Connect
Click the Status icon again to clear your status. Clearing your status in Adobe Connect
The Camera and Voice pod is where you can see each other. If you’d like to be seen as well as heard, turn on your webcam by clicking the “Start My Webcam” button to launch the camera preview.
If you need to switch webcams, click the settings icon and choose “Select Camera.” Switching webcams in Adobe Connect
When you’re ready, click the “Start Sharing” button to start transmitting video. Your preview window will shrink so you can see whomever is talking.
Click the “Stop” button to turn off your camera.
We strongly recommend using your mic and camera since it makes these sessions more engaging for participants and presenters. However, if you’re on a slow Internet connection, it’s better to leave them off to conserve your bandwidth for hearing the presenter. Buffering Youtube video
The polling pod lets you respond to multiple choice or yes or no questions. Click on your answer instead of typing as it quickly tallies the responses for the presenter. Adobe Connect Polling pod

That’s the basics of interacting in Family Medicine webinars held through Adobe Connect. For more information, see our videos on Connecting to Connect, and Presentation Tips for Connect.

If you have any questions, contact dfmcurriculum@dal.ca or 902-473-8042.