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Healthcare Of The Elderly Residency Training Committee

Terms of Reference


  • To ensure that residents in the Dalhousie Family Medicine healthcare of the
    elderly (HCOE) residency program attain their personal educational goals as
    well as those of the program.
  • To ensure that residents become effective family physician community leaders in
    geriatric medicine.
  • To ensure a learning environment that is resident-centered and collegial.
  • To provide a residency program in healthcare of the elderly that meets or
    exceeds the guidelines of the College of Family Physicians of Canada


  •     Enhanced skills program director
  •     HCOE program director - Chair
  •     Division of geriatrics HCOE program director
  •     Representative(s) of division of geriatrics and/or faculty advisor
  •     Representative(s) of division of geriatrics or family medicine non-physician   
  •     Representative(s) of Department of Family Medicine, Dalhousie University (Maritimes)
  •     Resident
  •     Associate dean, postgraduate medical education (ad hoc)

Quorum must be 50% of membership

Program Coordinator: Medical education coordinator

Reporting Responsibility: The HCOE committee reports to the dept. of family medicine postgraduate committee.


  1. To discuss and decide on the recommendations from the strategic plan of the department of family medicine. 
  2. To develop and enact all HCOE program policies.
  3. To develop a clear curriculum plan.
  4. To ensure the implementation of the curriculum plan at all sites.
  5. To ensure the effective, fair and timely evaluation of residents. 
  6. To ensure that residency training conditions meet the requirements of the PARI MP contract. 
  7. To receive, review and address concerns arising from committees charged with reviewing the residency program (i.e. accreditation committee). 
  8. To hear and decide on resident requests or concerns.
  9. To ensure that problems with rotations are resolved in a timely fashion.
  10. To hear reports and address concerns from program directors, residents, and family medicine program directors
  11. To advertise the program across the Maritimes and Canada. 
  12. To liaise and collaborate with other HCOE programs across Canada.
  13. To assess and select applicants to the HCOE program using a fair and objective process. 
  14. To oversee the development of remedial plans for residents in difficulty.
  15. To follow Faculty of Medicine regulations regarding suspension or termination of a resident’s training. 
  16. To support advocacy at all levels (hospital, district, and provincial) for career opportunities for healthcare of the elderly physicians. 
  17. To meet a minimum of four times per year or more as necessary (college standard is quarterly). 
Revised & Finalized by HCOE Committee September 10, 2014