Family Medicine Resident Education Weekend Subcommittee

Terms of Reference


This committee is responsible for the planning, coordination, management and evaluation of the family medicine resident education weekend for the Dalhousie Family Medicine. The committee will act in the interests of the postgraduate residency program of the department of family medicine and will seek input from all sites under the umbrella of Dalhousie Family Medicine. The committee will select activities and curriculum in keeping with the goals of the weekend which include:

  • Fostering the academic and social interaction among the residents from all sites
  • Providing program curriculum that is best presented to the entire resident group
  • Provide curriculum which focuses on the CanMeds FM roles other than family medicine expert.
  • Oversee the financial matters as they pertain to the organization of the event working with the medical education manager and the Dalhousie Family Medicine department head’s office. This includes income (fundraising and support from sites) and expense budgets.



  • Postgraduate program director (chair)
  • Enhanced skills program director
  • Chair, curriculum sub-committee
  • Resident representatives (two—one PGY1, one PGY2 from any site (preferably different sites))


  • Head, department of family medicine (ex officio)
  • Medical education manager
  • Education committee secretary (recording secretary)


Quorum for the committee is 50 per cent plus one of voting members (optimal voting membership is four, quorum is three)

Reporting Responsibility


The family medicine resident education weekend sub-committee has the responsibility and authority to plan the family medicine resident education weekend for the department of family medicine

Accountable to

Residency training committee

Meeting Schedule

The committee meets monthly, or as needed

Support Staff

The Education Committee Secretary, or designate as appointed by the Medical Education Manager, will provide or facilitate all support needed for this committee.

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