Enhanced Skills Residency Training Committee

Terms of Reference


  • To ensure that residents in the Dalhousie Family Medicine enhanced skills residency program attain their personal educational goals as well as those of the program
  • To ensure that residents become effective and compassionate family physicians who have developed enhanced skills in some aspect of family medicine care
  • To ensure a learning environment that is resident-centred and collegial
  • To provide a residency program that meets or exceeds the guidelines of the College of Family Physicians of Canada
  • To oversee the administration of the Enhanced Skills programs of the Family Medicine Residency Program


  • To develop and enact all Department of Family Medicine enhanced skills program policies
  • To ensure compliance with all Department of Family Medicine and Faculty of Medicine postgraduate policies
  • To ensure the implementation of the curriculum plan in all the enhanced skills programs
  • To ensure the effective, fair and timely evaluation of residents in the enhanced skills programs
  • To ensure that residency training conditions meet the requirements of the PariMP contract
  • To receive, review and address concerns arising from the resident training committees of all category one enhanced skills programs
  • To receive, review and address concerns arising from residents and faculty of all category two enhanced skills programs
  • To ensure that problems with educational experiences are resolved in a timely fashion
  • To hear reports and address concerns from the membership
  • To hear reports and decide on recommendations from:

            - Family medicine emergency medicine program
            - Integrated family medicine emergency medicine program
            - Healthcare of the elderly program
            - Palliative care program



  • Program director enhanced skills (chair)
  • Program director emergency medicine program
  • Program director healthcare of the elderly
  • Program director palliative care program
  • Resident representation (one PGY3 resident from any program)
  • Family medicine program chief resident or designate


  • Head, Department of Family Medicine (ex officio)
  • Postgraduate program director
  • Program administrators from category one programs
  • Medical education manager or coordinator
  • Education committee cecretary or designate as determined by the medical education manager as administrative support/recording secretary
  • Invited participants as requested by the committee


50 per cent plus one of voting members

Meeting Schedule

Quarterly meetings or as required by Chair

Reporting Responsibility

The Enhanced Skills Residency Training Committee reports to the Residency Training Committee of the Department of Family Medicine.

Committee membership to be reviewed along with the Terms of Reference by the Committee, as a whole, annually at its September meeting.

 Approved by Residency Training Committee April 2015 R:\Family\postgrad\AA - Main\Committees\Enhanced Skills Committee\Terms of Reference