Evaluation Subcommittee

Terms of Reference


To develop, implement, and ensure the process of resident assessment, clinical learning experience (CLE) evaluation and the evaluation of the quality of faculty teaching meets or exceeds the standards set in the Red Book of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.

Reports to: Resident training committee



  • Program evaluation coordinator (Chair) 
  • Postgraduate program director 
  • Enhanced skills program director 
  • All site and program evaluation coordinators 
  • Two residents PGY1/PGY2 from different sites


  • Medical education manager
  • Medical education coordinator 
  • Administrative representative from each site as per site needs


  • Program curriculum coordinator/faculty development director
  • Education committee secretary or designate as determined by the medical education manager as administrative support / recording secretary 

Quorum: Fifty percent plus one of voting members (8) *For major decisions all sites must be represented and at least one resident must be present.


  • Ensuring a clear protocol for the assessment of residents, the evaluation of CLEs, and the evaluation of faculty is developed as a resource to all sites. 
  • Working with the residency training committee to make recommendations for overall resident assessment policy.
  • Overseeing the distribution of resident evaluation/assessment forms, collection and collation of data. 
  • Identifying those areas pertaining to evaluation/assessment that would benefit from faculty development. 
  • Providing a resource for reviewing and improving the process of resident assessment. 
  • Ensuring the liaison with consultant provided clinical learning experiences (CLE) to communicate around objectives and resident assessment in collaboration with the program director and site director. 
  • Participating in the process of identification of residents who are having problems in the program at the discretion of the site director.
  • Ensuring feedback to faculty with regards to the quality of their teaching and assessments of the residents assigned to them in collaboration with the program director and site director. 


Reviewed and Approved by Residency Training Committee: October 2, 2014; Approved by Evaluation Sub Committee, September 26, 2014 R:\Family\postgrad\AA - Main\Committees\Evaluation Sub Committee\Terms of Reference\Evaluation Sub-Committee Terms of Reference - Approved by RTC Committee November 2014.docx