Resident Project Subcommittee

Terms of Reference


  • To oversee the resident project guidelines, assessment process and quality
  • To ensure that the resident projects are in compliance with accreditation standards
  • To organize resident project day
  • To select resident projects for the various awards/nomination for awards

Committee Membership and Voting Process

  • Postgraduate Program Director
  • Research representatives from each of the following sites (e.g. Research Director/Project Monitor/Site Coordinators/Site Director)
    • Annapolis Valley
    • Cape Breton
    • Fredericton
    • Halifax
    • Moncton
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Saint John
    • South West Nova Site
  • PGY1 resident
  • PGY2 resident
  • Medical Education Coordinator
  • Education Committee Secretary


All members of the committee except administrative staff


  • Education Committee Secretary
  • Invited participants as requested by the committee
  • Medical Education Coordinator


  • Majority (51 per cent) of voting members
  • If no quorum can be reached during meetings quorum will be sought through e-mail

Meeting Schedule

  • A teleconference following Resident Project Day (May/June) two other meetings on the second Thursday of the month of October and February and one face-to-face meeting yearly (when possible)
  • Other communications by e-mail and telephone as per request of the chair or other committee members

Reporting Responsibility

The Resident Project Review Sub-Committee reports to the Residency Training Committee of the Department of Family Medicine

Reviewed and approved by Residency Training Committee January 2, 2014
Source: R:\Family\postgrad\AA - Main\Committees\Resident Project Sub Committee\Terms of Reference\Resident Project Sub-Committee Terms of Reference - FINAL.docx