Undergraduate Education Committee

Terms of Reference


  • To act as the advisory committee to the undergraduate education program director for the Department of Family Medicine.
  • Coordinate the activities of the department of family medicine in the undergraduate education program at Dalhousie University.
  • Advocate for the role of and the principles of family medicine in the undergraduate education program.
  • Formulate and administer the undergraduate policies and programs of the Department of Family Medicine.
  • Ensure the family medicine curriculum objectives and programs are consistent with the recommendations of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, Maritime Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, and the Medical Council of Canada.
  • Advise and advocate for appropriate resources for the running of the department’s undergraduate education program.


  • Impart an understanding of the discipline of family medicine and where it fits within the Canadian health care system to all undergraduate medical students at Dalhousie University.
  • Introduce students to the practice of primary, continuing and comprehensive patientcentred care.
  • Enhance the involvement of family medicine teachers in the undergraduate program. To teach the specific skills, knowledge and attitudes in the areas of family medicine expertise including doctor/patient communication, clinical skills, evidence-based medicine, clinical decision-making, the patient-centred method, use of community resources, etc. that are applicable throughout the medical school curriculum.
  • Encourage undergraduate medical students to pursue a family medicine residency.
  • Collaborate with the Dalhousie Family Medicine Interest Group.



  • Undergraduate program director (Chair)
  • All undergraduate site directors or departmental representative (Halifax site education lead, Annapolis Valley, Cape Breton, Fredericton, Halifax, Moncton, Prince Edward Island, Saint John and South West Nova)
  • One Dalhousie Family Medicine resident representative from any site (serving a two year term)
  • Four student representatives, one from each of Med I, II, III and IV years. There should be a mixture of DMNB/Tupper representatives.


  • Head, Department of Family Medicine (Ex Officio)
  • Medical education manager
  • Medical education coordinator
  • Scheduling and evaluation specialist
  • A representative from the undergraduate medical education office in the Faculty of Medicine
  • An administrative representative from each family medicine site and/or from DMNB, as appropriate.
  • Education committee secretary or designate as determined by the Medical education manager as administrative support / recording secretary.
  • Other members may be appointed from time to time by the chair and the undergraduate education committee.

Quorum: 50% plus one of voting members (7)

Reporting Responsibility:

  • The undergraduate medical education committee reports to the regional executive committee of the Department of Family Medicine.
  • Committee membership to be reviewed along with the terms of reference by the committee, as a whole, annually at its September meeting.
  • Meeting Schedule: Bi-monthly meetings or as required by Chair.
Approved by the Undergraduate Medical Education Committee November 27, 2014