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Community Rotation Guidelines Policy


The overall goal of the three-month PGY2 rotation is to enable residents who are at rotation-based sites to experience the breadth and scope of family medicine in a community outside their site.  As much as possible they will live the life and do the work of a community family physician.

Community practices should be chosen to address competencies that the clinical experiences in the core site have not addressed.  For example, if the resident has not participated in a family medicine inpatient care experience, then the Community rotation should feature this experience.  The community chosen may also have clinical experiences that address a particular resident interest.

If circumstances are such that the resident commutes from the home site to the community practice, then this must be approved by the Site Director.  Reimbursement for travel is based on the Maritime Resident Doctor’s (MARDOC) contract.

In order to assist residents in achieving the necessary competencies during residency training, the following guidelines apply to community rotations:

  • Community Preceptors must have a current Dalhousie Family Medicine Faculty Appointment and CCFP (or be working towards obtaining CCFP).
  • Community rotation should include several aspects of what is considered full scope family medicine – inpatient care, obstetrics, home visits, emergency shifts, palliative care, long-term care, occupational medicine, addictions medicine.

  • Residents would be encouraged to explore opportunities in small communities.

The choice of a community rotation will ultimately be approved by the Site Director.

  • The community rotation could be chosen to address a specific clinical learning experience a resident is lacking in order to achieve competency.
  • Residents should be encouraged to live in the community for the duration of the rotation. Communities should provide appropriate accommodation in keeping with the Maritime Resident Doctor’s contract.
  • Special consideration to commute will be considered on an individual basis by the appropriate Site Director.
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