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Postgraduate Electives at Dalhousie University for Postgraduate Medicine Trainees who are Canadian Citizens and Registered at Other Canadian Universities Policy

All elective trainees are responsible to make their own elective arrangements directly with the Department in which they wish to conduct their elective training. After elective arrangements have been confirmed, elective trainees are required to register with Postgraduate Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University, by completing an On-line Application for Elective Training found at the PGME website.

Upon receipt of the application, the PGME Office will send an email confirming the elective to the elective supervisor, the University Department, the Medical Staff Office of the appropriate hospital, and the College of Physicians and Surgeons (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or P.E.I.).

Please note that the College will not issue an educational license prior to registration with the PGME Office.

We will require the trainee to register with the PGME Office upon arrival in Halifax, pay the an annual elective registration fee of $50, provide a letter from their Program Director indicating that this elective is acceptable to them as part of their training program, provide proof of Canadian Medical Protective Association coverage, provide a copy of their educational license (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island), and immunization information (including Hepatitis B sero conversion).

Only when all the above has been completed will the resident be licensed, credentialled, and able to start their elective training.

Source: R:\Family\postgrad\AA - Main\Policies\Current PG Policies\Postgraduate Electives at Dalhousie University.doc