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Externally Funded Residents Policy

The availability of positions for externally funded residents is dependent on capacity.



  • Successfully passed the MCCQE1
  • Have been ranked as acceptable to the program through the second round of CaRMS selection process


  • Have a return of service contract with a Health Care facility in Atlantic Canada
    • Final acceptance into the program is contingent upon a signed contractual agreement between the Capital District Health Authority and the funding agency
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident

Timing of Consideration of Externally Funded Applicants

Normally externally funded residents will only be considered for admission to the program, immediately after the second round of CaRMS.


  • Health district should advise potential candidates to apply to the program through the second round of CaRMS
  • Within four to six weeks after the second round of CaRMS the program will determine whether there is any capacity to train externally funded residents


Funders must be prepared to pay for any additional training that may be required if externally funded residents require remedial rotations.


Funders must be prepared to fund both the resident’s salary—including any negotiated salary increases, AND the educational costs (breakdown of the educational costs available).

Revised and Approved by Residency Training Committee March 3, 2011
Source: R:\Family\Postgrad\AA - Main\Policies\Current PG Policies\Externally Funded Residents Policy Revised March 2011.Docx