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Minimum Call Policy

It is a Red Book requirement that Residents do after hours call as part of their training program. There are a wide variety of call systems and variations in the handling of hospital call, obstetrics call, ambulatory patient call, call group size and the use of preceptor versus CTU model. Thus call policies for each site must be individualized. However it is expected that all residents will do FM call with their preceptor in sites that use the preceptor model and their share of call in sites that use the CTU model.

Holidays should be planned with the call schedule in mind and arrangements discussed with the preceptor three months in advance as in the vacation policy.

If a resident is unavoidably away when their preceptor is on call they will make up the equivalent days of call with another preceptor.

Objectives for call

  • See acutely ill people
  • Take care of patients who you do not know
  • Exposure to interesting clinical situations
  • Learn about the reality of effect of call on your life
Source: R:\Family\postgrad\AA - Main\Policies\Current PG Policies\Minimum Call Policy.doc