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Resident Requests for International Electives Policy

Requests for electives outside of Canada must comply with the following:

  1. The resident complies with any requirements outlined by their program beyond those sited in this policy
  2. The residents comply with the requirements outlined in the International Health Office/Postgraduate Medical Education Office International Elective Instruction Sheet
  3. Any elective that is completed by a trainee who does not fulfill the above requirements will not be counted towards his/her residency training

In addition, electives taken in an unaccredited setting may be accepted towards specialty or subspecialty training requirements if all of the following conditions are met.

  1. In Royal College programs, the total duration of unaccredited elective rotations must not exceed six months of the total training for the specialty or subspecialty.

    In Family Medicine programs not more than four weeks should be taken outside the Maritime Provinces. Exceptions for extending this time beyond four weeks include the following:

    1. Compassionate grounds
    2. training in areas that are not available at Dalhousie (e.g. international electives)
  2. The resident must be enrolled in a recognized program at the time the elective is taken
  3. The program director and the resident that is then accepted by the program director as meeting the specialty training requirements plan the elective period
  4. There is a clearly designated elective supervisor
  5. There are clearly defined and understood educational objectives
  6. There is a well defined in-training evaluation system to include evaluation of the resident during the elective period that is based on the educational objectives of the elective and that is clearly understood beforehand by the resident, the elective supervisor, and the program director

The Global Health Office's medical residents electives page has more information on international electives, including a planning checklist and an application form.

Approved: Postgraduate Medical Education Committee Meeting, June 2, 2005
Source: R:\Family\postgrad\AA - Main\Policies\Current PG Policies\Residents Requesting International Electives Policy.doc