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Resident Project Guide, Part One


A strong research base is as fundamental to general practice, as to any academic discipline. Research and education are not different kinds of academic activity but complementary, the two sides of one coin. Research is organized curiosity. Curiosity involves asking questions; if others do not know the answers, research is needed. Education in which the answers are not based on research is indoctrination; research in which questions are not based on need is prevarication. The advance of general practice as an academic discipline depends on our ability to integrate research and education in the pursuit of excellence in clinical care.

Charles Bridge-Webb
Adapted from the George McQuitty Memorial Lecture, University of Calgary, 1982, Can Fam Physician 1983, Vol. 29:52


The objectives for research in family medicine are detailed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. They emphasize curiosity, self-assessment and skill at critically reviewing the medical literature.

All residents are required to complete a resident project as part of their residency program requirements. The resident project is an academic/scholarly one that must meet the standards described in this guide and must be completed successfully in order to fulfill the requirements of the residency training program.

The purpose of the resident project is to introduce the resident to the process of finding answers to questions commonly encountered in primary care by critically reviewing the available literature. Where such answers are found lacking, the resident may choose to employ an appropriate methodology to design a study using proper scientific rigor to answer that question.

There is no requirement to conduct a research study; however, it is hoped that the resident project will provide the resident with the opportunity to develop or practice primary care research skills. For those with more in-depth research interests, primary care research electives are available and inquiries should go to the site director.

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