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Resident Project Guide, Part Six


PGY1 year

  • The resident must discuss the project topic with the project coordinator.
  • The resident will select and discuss the content of the project with their project coordinator and project supervisor by the end of the three-month PGY1 family medicine rotation, but no later than the first Monday of November.
    • This does not apply to Halifax-based residents who may spend some of their first six months of their residency at sites away from Halifax. Their deadline is June 30 of their PGY1 year. However, those residents are expected to contact the project coordinator with an outline of their proposal by the last Friday in September in their PGY1 year.
  • The resident will develop a well-defined project proposal (two-three pages) in writing that they will submit to their project supervisor and their project coordinator.
  • Halifax site residents need only submit their project proposals to their project supervisor, and are not required to also submit it to their project coordinator.
  • Residents must have their PGY1 Resident Project Proposal Form (Form I [PDF - 24 KB]) signed by their Project Coordinator.
  • Halifax residents are not required to complete and submit a Form I; however, they are still required to complete and submit a Form II.
  • All residents are required to complete a Project Supervisor Agreement Form (Form II [PDF - 40 KB]), which must be signed by their Project Supervisor.
  • The proposal and required signed forms (Forms I and II) are due no later than the first Monday of February of the resident’s PGY1 year. Forms are to be submitted to the project voordinator, who will forward electronic copies to the education committee secretary at fmcommittees@dal.ca
    Halifax residents will forward their proposal and Form II directly to the education committee secretary at fmcommittees@dal.ca
  • Residents whose projects are research projects, must apply for approval through their local research ethics board. It should be noted that this can at times be a lengthy process, and residents must plan accordingly in order to allow sufficient time for punctual project completion.
  • If necessary, the resident should write out a budget, and submit it to the project coordinator (see below for budget guidelines.)
  • At some sites, PGY1 residents are required to present their proposal in a 10 minute oral format during their site’s Resident Project Presentation Day (usually held in May), or at another venue, as determined by their site. PGY1 residents are to confirm details with their project coordinator.

PGY2 year

  • The resident will prepare a project progress report no later than the second Monday of September of their PGY2 year and meet with the project superviso rin order that their project supervisor may evaluate the resident's progress. A project progress report (Form III) will be completed at that time by the project supervisor, an electronic copy of which will be sent to the education committee secretary.  (Form III [PDF - 45KB]).
  • The resident will have their project supervisor complete and sign a resident project final approval form (Form IV). The signed Form IV and the completed draft of the written project must be submitted to the project coordinator for review no later than the first Monday of January. Halifax residents are not required to submit their final project and signed Form IV to the Halifax site project coordinators. (Form IV [PDF - 26KB]).
  • Once approved by their project coordinator (project supervisor for Halifax site residents), the FINAL project must be submitted to the education committee secretary at fmcommittees@dal.ca as a single PDF document by the second Monday in February for ALL residents. The PDF document must be formatted in such a way as can easily be emailed and opened by project reviewers. The education committee secretary will send the project to a project reviewer for assessment.
  • The non-Halifax site project coordinators will send an electronic copy of the signed Form IV to the education committee secretary. Halifax residents will send the electronic copy of the signed Form IV to the education committee secretary at fmcommittees@dal.ca
  • A PowerPoint slide presentation of the resident project must be completed and submitted to the resident's project coordinator by the first Monday of May of the PGY2 year.  Halifax site residents will submit their PowerPoint slide presentation to the Halifax site administrator and not to the project coordinator.
  • PGY2 residents will present their projects orally during their Site Project Presentation event.
  • If a resident is concluding the program four months or more beyond the usual program end-date, submission of the written project can be deferred to two months before their concluding date, and an oral presentation will be arranged separately.

See the worksheet for timeline summaries. Please note that these deadlines may be modified if the nature of the project is such that data collection or analysis cannot be completed by the required dates. In that case, the resident must discuss the new timelines in advance with the project coordinator and new timelines will be formally established.