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Resident Project Guide, Part Seven

Project Assessment

Completed resident projects should be forwarded to the Department of Family Medicine education committee secretary at fmcommittees@dal.ca as a PDF file by the second Monday in February. The PDF document must be formatted in such as way as can be easily emailed to and opened by project reviewers. The medical education committee secretary will forward the completed resident projects to an appropriate reviewers. Project reviewers are expected to complete their review within 4 to 6 weeks of accepting a project for review. Late submissions often take longer to complete, so residents are strongly discouraged from submitting after the deadline. If a project is deemed “Acceptable” the resident and the project coordinator will be informed. A resident project must be deemed “Acceptable” or higher for the resident to successfully complete the residency program requirements. An assessment rubric has been developed as part of this guide.

If a project is assessed as “Requiring Revisions,” the resident and the project coordinator will be informed by the education committee secretary. The project coordinator will communicate with the reviewer and then follow-up with the resident, and if need be with the project supervisor to ensure they understand the reviewer’s concerns.

The revised project will be sent to the education committee secretary in a single PDF document that has been formatted in such a way as can easily be emailed and opened by the project reviewer. The education committee secretary will then forward it to the original project reviewer. If, after a second revision, the project is still deemed “Requiring Revisions” by the original assessor, a second assessor will be invited to review the project.