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Quality in Primary Healthcare Seminar Series

A knowledge translation project on benchmark End-of-Life care practices for the elderly in Primary Care. 

Presented by Dr Francis Lau
University of Victoria

Can the palliative approach that is integrated into the electronic medical record (EMR) of primary care physicians enhance end-of-life (EOL) care in ways that are measurable, scalable and sustainable?

The Knowledge Translation Project Overview:
Stage 1 : Assess current EOL care practices and identify requirements for best practices in EOL care
Stage 2: Design the set of proposed best practices for EMR-supported EOL care
Stage 3: Disseminate the proposed best practices to physician offices in BC through learning sessions
Stage 4: Evaluate the impact of the pro-posed best practices over time in a time series study





Dalhousie Family Medice Sunroom

Department of Family Medicine
8th Floor, Abbie J. Lane Building.
5909 Veterans Memorial Lane, Halifax


We would appreciate hearing from you if you are planning to join us, so that we can make sure we have enough space. 

Please reply to Susan Baldwin at susan.baldwin@dal.ca or phone 473-4741. We look forward to see-ing you there and to building this community of interest together.