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MAAP‑NS Study Awarded Funding

Posted by Jacquelyn Bradford on January 10, 2016 in News
Dr. Emily Marshall, PhD
Dr. Emily Marshall, PhD

The Models and Access Atlas of Primary Care in Nova Scotia (MAAP-NS) team, lead by one of Dalhousie Family Medicine's researcher, Dr. Emily Gard Marshall, have recently been awarded grant funding from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). The CIHR competition, Planning and Dissemination Grant– Institute Community Support, have selected the MAAP project to support their knowledge translation and dissemination activities. The MAAP project came in third of more than 100 applicants!

Dr. Marshall explains that "MAAP provides estimates of access, availability, and models of primary care practice by region and practice and provider characteristics. The study aims to find ways to increase accessibility to primary care and identify where gaps exist and improvements can be made. MAAP also examines how the changing demographics of our aging population and physician pool may impact access to services, as well as factors that contribute to inequities in access to primary care such as living in smaller communities, gender, social deprivation, and health conditions.”

The CIHR grant will help support the MAAP-NS team to foster their knowledge translation program and cross-jurisdictional collaborations towards a better understanding of current gaps in primary care, and areas requiring innovation.

Congratulations to the MAAP-NS team!

Dr. E. Marshall, Dr. S. Asghari, Dr. F. Aubrey-Bassler Dr. F. Burge, Mrs. J. Chisholm, Dr. R. Gibson, Ms. B. Lawson, Dr. C. Maclean, Dr. R. Martin-Misener, Dr. M. Mathews, Ms. M. Monk, Mr. B. Osmond, Dr. P. Peters, Dr. M. Terashima