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Dr. Emily Gard Marshall awarded $592,876 in recent CIHR project grant competition

Posted by Jacquelyn Bradford on July 5, 2019 in News

Congratulations to Dr. Marshall on her recent CIHR award for “The CUP Study: Comparative Analysis of Centralized Waitlist Effectiveness, Policies, and Innovations for Connecting Unattached Patients to Primary Care Providers”.

The study will compare centralized wait lists in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario to see how effective they are at connecting unattached patients to primary care providers. The findings from this study will be shared with stakeholders from all three provinces.

Principal investigator(s): Marshall, Emily (NPI)  G; Breton, Mylaine; Green, Michael E
Co-investigator(s): Andrew, Melissa K; Ashcroft, Rachelle R; Bayoumi, Imaan; Burge, Frederick I; Correa Woodrow, Ana Laura; Dahrouge, Simone; Duhoux, Arnaud; Edwards, Lynn H; Gibson, Richard; Kiran, Tara; Lawson, Beverley J; Mackenzie, Adrian; Martin-Misener, Ruth; Maria; McPherson, Charmaine M; Peddle, Sarah L; Ryan Carson, Shannon; Sampalli, Tara; Wong, Sabrina T