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Congratulations to Dr Helena Piccinini and Dr Michael Vallis, their article on Obesity in adults: a clinical practice guideline was the most read CMAJ article in 2020.

Posted by Nancy Rogers on January 19, 2021 in News

Obesity is a complex chronic disease in which abnormal or excess body fat (adiposity) impairs health, increases the risk of long-term medical complications and reduces lifespan. Epidemiologic studies define obesity using the body mass index (BMI; weight/height2), which can stratify obesity-related health risks at the population level. Obesity is operationally defined as a BMI exceeding 30 kg/m2 and is subclassified into class 1 (30–34.9), class 2 (35–39.9) and class 3 (≥ 40). At the population level, health complications from excess body fat increase as BMI increases. At the individual level, complications occur because of excess adiposity, location and distribution of adiposity and many other factors, including environmental, genetic, biologic and socioeconomic factors.

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