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JOHN DeMONT: The joy of the COVID‑19 jab

Posted by Nancy Rogers on March 26, 2021 in News

Thursday, the day of my first COVID-19 vaccination, I felt as I have for most of the past 12-months - immensely grateful to live where we live.

I will be honest: Once we got past the first months, during which I put my affairs in order for fear that time was short, there have been days, many really, where, if I resisted the urge to doom-scroll, and was not writing about the pandemic, I might not even remember that we are in the midst of one.

This is truest outside of Halifax, where, if you are not in a Sobeys or a Tim Hortons, masked faces can seem as rare as Ipswich Sparrows, but is also accurate in the province’s epicentre, where the streets and sidewalks may seem quieter and emptier than during the pre-COVID 19-days, but still possess none of the ominous calm said to exist in Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

Like the rest of you, I take no pleasure in this. I just thank my good fortune to be able to open my eyes each morning without being seized by a spasm of fear, to read something about how bad things are elsewhere and sigh in relief knowing that we have, thus far, faced down the pandemic.

When word arrived that my venerable age made me eligible for the AstraZeneca vaccine, I paused for a moment, processing the fact that several European countries had suspended administration of the vaccine following reports of blood clots in a small number of patients.

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