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Congratulations to the ACTing Collectively Project Team

Posted by Jane Gaffney on April 27, 2022 in News
DFM_ACTing Collective03
DFM_ACTing Collective03

Congratulations to the ACTing Collectively project team who were recently awarded $517,500 by the Department of Seniors and Long-term Care to augment funds previously granted by the NSH Research Fund in 2021 for their proof-of-concept study, ‘ACTing Collectively to map and address the needs of community-living older adults in Nova Scotia’. Who were recently awarded funding by the Department of Seniors and Long-term Care to augment funds previously granted by the NSH Research Fund.

Co-lead by Drs. Tanya Packer and Grace Warner this project is unique in that the idea was brought forward to BRIC NS by a patient partner (C.A.R.P. NS) for consideration. BRIC NS researched the idea and brought together a group of academic researchers with interest in primary care and aging as well as community stakeholders to further develop the idea. Enthusiasm for the project grew and it has morphed into a true collaborative partnership between patient partners, research (Dalhousie University, BRIC NS), private (C.A.R.P. NS, Northwood Care) and public sectors (NS Department of Seniors and LTC, Nova Scotia Health Primary Care). All are playing an active, continual role.

Teams members include: Packer, Tanya (Co-PI); Warner, Grace (Co-PI); (Co-Is) Lawson, Beverley; Chen, Yu-Ting; Kirkland, Susan; Moody, Elaine; Askari, Sorayya; Ghanouni, Parisa; Chen, Yu-Ting; Christian, Erin; Manley, Sarah; Campbell, Jacqueline; Simm, Janet; Szabo, Margaret; Swan, Ron

About the Project:
Older adults can live at home longer, healthier, and more actively when there are sufficient community supports and services to meet their needs. The team is working with three communities in Cape Breton (Victoria County, Richmond County, Cape Breton Regional Municipality) to understand what community services and programs older adults need, and to evaluate if a personalized list of local resources assists them in locating services to meet those needs. Older adults living at home in each of the communities will be invited to be interviewed about their concerns. At the end of the interview, each older adult will receive a list of resources mapped to their prioritized needs. By combining their responses, a report will be created to inform each community about the services most needed to assist older adults in their community. The initiative will begin within the communities this spring (2022) and is in partnership with the Department of Seniors and Long-Term Care Age Friendly initiative, Nova Scotia Health Primary Care, C.A.R.P. NS, Northwood Care Group and Dalhousie University.