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Academic office address:

Dalhousie Family Medicine
5909 Veterans' Memorial Lane
8th floor, Abbie J Lane Bldg
Halifax, NS B3H 2E2

Phone: 902-473-4747
Toll-free: 800-319-9089
Fax: 902-473-4760
Email: dfmreception@dal.ca

View our teaching sites for additional contact information for faculty and staff.



Department head
Dr. Greg Archibald
Phone: 902-473-4624
Email: greg.archibald@dal.ca

Chief operating officer

Cathy Charles
Phone: 902-473-8035

Email: cathy.charles@dal.ca

Communications & administrative officer

Jacquelyn Bradford
Phone: 902-473-2812

Email: j.berrette@dal.ca

Executive assistant

Denise Lavoie
Phone: 902-473-8043

Email: dfmadmin@dal.ca

Financial assistant

Brittany Deyoung
Phone: 902-473-1545

Email: dfmfinance@dal.ca

Medical Education - Program Office

*Please email fmeducation@dal.ca for general inquiries about the Dalhousie Family Medicine Education Program. Your email will be forwarded accordingly.  

Director, postgraduate medical education

Dr. Karlyne Dufour
Phone: 902-473-8096

Email: karlyne.dufour@dal.ca

Director, undergraduate medical education
Dr. Kathleen Horrey
Phone: 902-473-1546

Email: khorrey@dal.ca

Medical education manager

Nancy McCarther
Phone: 902-473-4746

Email: nancy.mccarther@dal.ca

Medical education coordinator

Allister Barton
Phone: 902-473-4749

Email: allister.barton@dal.ca


CaRMS and rotation specialist
Linda Guy
Phone: 902-473-4748
CaRMS: fmresidency@dal.ca
Scheduling: dfm.undergrad@dal.ca

Distributed education specialist

Phone: 902-473-8042

Email: dfmcurriculum@dal.ca

Education committee secretary
Susan Russell McGrath
Phone: 902-473-4745
Email: fmcommittees@dal.ca

Education secretary
Daryll Lambert
Phone: 902-473-8047

Email: fmeducation@dal.ca


Research Unit

Contact information for the research team can be found on the Primary Care Research Unit's Contact Us page.

Director, research & scholarly activity
Dr. Frederick Burge
Phone: 902-473-4742
Email: fred.burge@dal.ca

Research operations manager
Barbara O'Neill
Phone: 902-473-3484
Email: bloneill@dal.ca

Research secretary
Eileen Brown 
Phone: 902-473-4741
Email: dfmresearch@dal.ca


Faculty Development

Director, faculty development 
Dr. Alethea Lacas
Phone: 902-473-6240
Email: alacas@dal.ca

Secretary, faculty development
Nancy Rogers
Phone: 902-473-4747
Email: nancy.rogers@dal.ca


Program Chief Resident and Site Associate Chief Residents

Program chief resident

Dr. Milan Aspe

Associate chief residents

Annapolis Valley

Dr. Lynne Cann

Cape Breton

Dr. Meghan Burns


Dr. Kara Allan


Dr. Andrea Brown or Dr. Erin Slaunwhite


Dr. Lucy Shen

Prince Edward Island

Dr. Pamela Hudson

Saint John

Dr. Milan Aspe

Dr. Mandy Peach

South West Nova

Dr. Adil Ahmad

Nova Scotia Practice Ready Assessment Program

Program Staff:
Dr. Fiona Bergin, clinical director
Gwen MacPherson, program coordinator
Siobhan Murphy, administrative assistant

Phone: 902-473-4392
Fax: 902-425-3676
Email: info@nsprap.ca

Website: nsprap.com

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