Vision & Mission

Our guide


To be leaders in academic medicine providing innovative, collaborative and appropriate care that is sustainable.


We're a diverse group of highly trained professionals dedicated to improving health through education, research and the provision of exemplary clinical care to our community.



... exercising our responsibility as the Maritimes’ largest academic unit to confidently provide direction and lead by example; advocating for and driving important change


... becoming leaders in research and new care delivery models; being driven to make things work in different, better ways

Excellence / Quality

... measuring and assessing the quality of our work with a view to being recognized for producing the best


... being accountable and transparent in all that we do


... being results oriented; deciding on and achieving priorities; and making significant things happen

Scholarship / Professional Development

... creating and translating knowledge; pursuing and promoting scholarly activity; encouraging academic goals and academic advancement


... being available in a timely, open, friendly manner; easily available physically and emotionally to our patients and colleagues; and offering timely access to necessary care, with support for those waiting